Messy hair

I am writing to debunk the myth that sea salt spray is for beach hair and feeling like it’s summer.  If you’re looking for no-brainer holiday hair, may I suggest spending five minutes on a teased out french twist with a little vintage volume … because you’re hot, but you don’t care.<br />Here is the solution (literally, figuratively): I recently met the stylist Brent Lavett. Stare within the pages of the J. Crew catalog, amongst many other publications, and you’ll see his super-yet-natural magic at work.  He was wielding a cultish bottle simply labeled Sea / Salt … and making major hair things happen with it.</p><p>By combining the finest sea salt, Bulgarian rose water, rice and algae extracts, the husband and wife team of Lavett&amp;Chin created this non-crunchy, non-drying, non-oily sea salt spray that pumps in softness and volume even on the finest hair (and by the finest hair I mean my hair and by finest I mean this). I’ve been using this as a volumizing mist before blow drying and it is a life changer … so much easier to create messy fluff without backcombing, which my hair can’t afford to experience.<br />Does this: Volume-, texture-, vavavoom-izer in it’s purest formIs this: Lavett &amp; Chin Sea/Salt Texturizing MistGet this: AbovePrice: $30<br />Image: UK Bride

Bild från Cult of Pretty

Älskar den här looken, galet rufsigt hår med mycket volym, plattlugg , perfekta ögonbryn, tjock eyeliner och massa mascara. Helt rätt med 60-tals trenden som gäller just nu.



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